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GO now Standard

Gerry Oguss’ GO Parking in Chicago has been bought by Standard Parking. I am happy for Gerry and hope he did well in the purchase. But I am sad to see one of the well run, successful, smaller parking operators bite the dust.

I interviewed Gerry a few years ago in his office. He is smart, kind, and ran his company in a way that ensured it would never grow too large (it had 25 locations when sold). He personally visited each location regularly and ensured that it met his standards. He worked with his staff to be certain his customers got the best possible service.

Gerry had to play hard ball to keep his business going in one of the most competitive parking markets on the planet. He was for a time an active member of the NPA and worked within the organization to support smaller operators as well as large.

I can but wish him all the best


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. Gerry Oguss:
    I worked with Gerry at 720 W. Gordon Terrance garage where I started my stripping company. Some 35 years later now; working in three citys and putting down enough yellow lines to go around the world three times
    Thank you
    Hugo Holmes

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