Going In…


Going In…

I’m leaving in a few minutes for my second cataract surgery. I had the first one last week.  Let me tell you. If your optometrist says you have cataracts and should have them replaced, run don’t walk to the ophthalmologist and get it done.

Although there are a couple of weeks of testing, expensive machines, eye drops forever and visits to the doctor’s office, the actual surgery takes about 15 minutes.  And you can see the results instantly. Everyone is different, but my eyesight was 20/500 in my right eye, its now 20/25. In my case, I was never under complete anesthesia. The anesthetist held my hand during the procedure. It’s OK, he was kinda cute. I think they gave me a bit of valium, but I’m not even sure about that.

30 years ago the procedure was done with sandbags placed around your head and a recovery that lasted for months.  Today, depending on what the doctor says, you can drive the next day. Its stunning.

As she sat across the desk from me the day after the surgery, I told the doctor that with my right eye, her coat was white. With my left one, it was yellow. She just smiled. Colors are brighter, your night vision is super, all that ‘flair’ around street lights is gone, the world looks as it should.

I know that many are uncomfortable with people getting near their eyes. My recommendation, suck it up and have it done. If your results are like mine, you will be thrilled.

Everyone is different. My first recommendation, don’t listen to people like me. Go to the doctor, listen carefully to what they say, and then make your decision. I hope you are as delighted as I am.


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John Van Horn

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  1. Great John, pleased to read about the big improvement to your eyesight.
    Take care, Manny

  2. I had it done in both eyes last year. It was easy and painless. John’s description is accurate and the results are WOW! I second his recommendations.

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