Who You Gonna Call?


Who You Gonna Call?

PARCS Systems are complex. Depending on the size of your project, they could have as many as 20 or 30 individual high tech pieces (Gates, dispensers, Pay on foot Machines) all of which are computers and all of which we ask to run in on of the most challenging environments on earth, a parking garage. They process tens of thousands of transactions each day, flawlessly.

And these complex monsters have to work, and work every time.

The manufacturers ship equipment that works on the factory floor.  Some even hook everything up together and make sure it runs as a complete system. But what happens when it arrives at the job site.

Cable has to be pulled through metal conduit. Concrete islands have to be poured. Walls have to be cut and Pay on Foot Machines mounted. Its a complex, dirty, complicated job and typically your local electrical contractor is not the one called to do the install. Its a specialist company, a group of installers and technicians who know how to make parking systems work.

Typically electrical contractors have no skin in the game.  They bid low, install quickly, and are on their way.  Parking Dealers want the installation to go well. They know that they are in this for the long haul. If something goes wrong, you call them and expect fast, competent service.  After all, when those gates are locked open, your revenue is at risk.

After the install is complete, the Dealer is the one that stands between you and the manufacturer.  They speak two languages, one to the customer, a completely different one to the manufacturer.  They know how to ask the right questions and get results. After all, they sell 20, 30, 40 systems a year. The manufacturer is going to listen to them.

Dealers are unsung heroes. They make the system work. They customize to fit the varied needs of their customers. Without them, who are you gonna call when things don’t go quite right.

Next time you see your installing dealer, shake his or her hand and say thank you.  They deserve it.




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