Great Party Last Night


Great Party Last Night

I attended the mixer held by the Los Angeles Parking Association last night. What a great time — got to renew some old acquaintances and make some new ones.

The event was sponsored by Tony Policella of Valet Parking Service and Peter Young over at Digital Printing and was held at the historic El Cholo Restaurant on Western on the edge of Downtown LA. The margarita were flowing like water. And they are sooooo gooooood.

The guest list read like a mini who’s who of parking, not just in LA but historically across the country. I’ll list some of the people and the companies, and see if you can match them up.

In addition to Tony and Peter, Arnold Klauber, Richard Kindorf, Herb Citirn, Bruce Silberman, Bob Hindle, John Peterson, Tim Curcio, Howard Hamburg, Kelli O’Keefe, Nick Chico, Ted Burton, Frank Valcarso, and many more were there.

As for companies represented, those above and others at one time were involved with Edison Parking, Kinney Parking, Digital Printing, Meyers Parking, Square Industries, Toledo Ticket, Five Star Parking, Secom, Parking Concepts, Allied Parking, Pyramid Parking, Ampco System, Valet Parking Service, Dillingham Ticket, CEI, The County of Los Angeles,

Can you match the people with the companies?  Remember, some go with more than one company, and at least three have contacts with more than four.

It was a great evening. I found that Bob Hindle is a neighbor, Bruce Silberman wore and open shirt and cowboy boots when he sold the Port Authority of NY and NJ on using an LA company to run the parking at NY’s three largest airports, and that John Peterson has a 38 foot Catamaran that has three bedrooms and two baths and can do 24 knots on a broad reach. Oh yes,  Howard Hamburg tells us that Herb Citrin’s car has been repainted so many times that he can hardly get it into his garage, but that’s just a rumor.

Bob also told me that his daughter owns a Mail Boxes Etc in Santa Monica that "The Donald" uses as a mailing drop for his show "the Apprentice." They received 50,000 interview tapes of people wanting to be on the show. Who did Donald hire to actually watch all those tapes?

See what neat parking info you can get at a party filled with parking folks and good margaritas.


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