Greenville Doesn’t collect Out of State Tickets


Greenville Doesn’t collect Out of State Tickets

According to this article, Greenville, SC, is writing tickets, but not even attempting to collect those from out of state, and the enforcement officers feel that they are doing their job but the city isn’t doing theirs.

"It frustrates me. I wish there was some way they could collect all of them. If we’re out here taking our time to do the ticket writing, they ought to collect all of them," Floyd said.

Floyd has a point — Scofflaws shouldn’t get a free ride just because they are tourists. Maybe Greenville should call one of PT’s advertiser collection agencies and cut a deal. They would get most of their money, and their staff would feel that they were being supported in their duties.

By the way, if you were a member of PT PLUS you would be able to read this and other articles, updated whenever you sign on. Its pretty neat. AND you could see Parking Today April on line and in real time beginning tomorrow, not in three or four weeks like those who get it in the mail.


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