Haircut and a Car Wash


Haircut and a Car Wash

I admit it, I couldn’t take it any longer and got a bootleg haircut. I got a phone number from a friend, send a text, got one back with an address, went to the address and sent another text. Went inside and voila, I was faced with a woman in a mask. She required that I wear one too, at least until she started getting close to the ears, and damned if I didn’t get a perfectly acceptable haircut. I even tipped her a few bucks more than the tip that was noted in one of the texts. C’est La Vie.

The car wash was a bit more ‘social distanced.’ I drove in, was told to keep my windows up. I slipped $15 bucks through the door and then drove through the car wash. When it was over a few attendants in masks descended on my car and dried the outside. They did not clean the inside; that was up to me. I’m not completely sure the car wash was legal or not.

Visiting Costco was a dream. Since I’m over 60, I was let in early and the place was empty, of people. They had everything else: meat, milk, cleaning supplies, water and yes toilet paper. No lines. Same with the local grocery stores. I take a poll from those I see when walking the dog in the neighborhood. The horror stories of shortages are simply wrong.

Yes, I wear a mask as a courtesy to those working in the stores. If it makes them more comfortable, I’m happy to do so. I don’t wear one when walking or exercising outdoors and don’t have to worry about social distancing, others seem to take care of that. I also note that about half the people outside don’t wear masks. So be it.

My prediction that things would loosen up by the middle of May seems to be coming true. That’s just from personal observation. We are talking about going back to the office and will do so after Memorial Day. We get few visitors and have a lot of space with everyone having a separate office. The staff is game. Why not?

This is the last time you will see “pandemic” or “Coronavirus” in a blog post by me. I have decided I’m tired of it and will let others continue to stir that pot. Hopefully I’ll be back too talking about parking next


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