Happy Easter


Happy Easter

Christians believe that Christ was crucified and died today, 2000 years ago and then was raised from the dead on Sunday and made his way to heaven. This is the time of the very heart of the Christian faith. Unfortunately events today have overtaken it and most, except for a brave few who will ignore the police and attend services in their cars, will not be celebrating Easter Sunday at their churches.

This is a time of sadness, on Good Friday, and great joy on Easter Sunday. It reflects that through faith one can move from disaster to great wonder and success. That faith is not only in whatever God you worship, but also in oneself.

As I write this, the ‘curve’ is flattening, the numbers in New York are decreasing, and the rain that has been covering LA for the past two days is clearing. All good signs that we will not only survive, but will survive very well.

This is a good time to put off worry and pain for a couple of days. There is nothing you can do, at least until Monday, so take this time of wonder and rebirth to relax. This weekend can be a time of reflection, or just rest. Everything can be on ‘hold’ for three days.

Then on Monday you can take stock, look at all your problems through fresh eyes, and wonder of wonders, you will know what you need to do.

Happy Easter to you all.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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