I was proofing the final PDFs for PT June and noted in my column that I had commented even thought a lot of personal service is gone, that banks now at least replace a lost card with a temporary one when you go in to report it gone. WRONG! That minor level of service has gone the way of the dodo.

I lost my ATM card the other day and went to get a temporary one until the bank could send me one in the mail (7-10 days). I found they no long give temporary cards, but I was told I could download the app and then link the card to my phone and I could use the phone to activate ATMS and the rest. The wonders of modern technology. WRONG!!!

I spent a half hour downloading and getting instructions on how to link my card to the phone. You actually put the card in Apple Pay and then it will be available to activate your ATM. And therein turns the tale.

It seems that to link the card to Apple Pay you have to have the card and then photograph it, an easy task if you happen to have the card handy, but… Ok no problem. There is a work around so you can enter the card number (I was able to get it on line) and then, here we go, enter the expiration date and the security code on the back. Which of course you don’t have if you don’t have the card in your hand.

Oh well, if I need cash or to make a deposit I can simply go into a branch office, wait in line, show my ID, and the teller will be happy to help me. Now that’s service.


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