It’s a sad time around our house. Our dog, Heidi, has been going downhill for a few months. We thought she would make it longer, but it was not to be. Unfortunately both R and I are traveling and Joyce who was caring for her said she was really slipping fast. She has Cushings disease which was under control up to the past few weeks, arthritis, and can barely get up and walk. She has stopped eating. She has made the decision, now it was time for use to agree. Circumstances forced us to leave it to Andy to take her to the vet for the last time.

I’m feeling guilty about a lot of things, putting down a dog is never easy, but leaving it to your son to do is beyond the pale. He’s stepping up to the plate, but I know it’s difficult. Worse, however, would be forcing Heidi to live in pain and misery any longer.

Goodbye old girl, you have been a wonderful pet, companion, and a good friend. Now its time for us to be your friend. Rest well.


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John Van Horn

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  1. John,
    After a long and successful day I was saddened to read about Heidi. I am sorry for your loss and trust you will find peace in this difficult time.
    This one isn’t about parking….it is all about real life……my sympathies.

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