Here are 26 reasons to come to PIE 2021


Here are 26 reasons to come to PIE 2021

  • Kevin Uhlenhaker, Omnipark
  • Connor Owen, Park Mobile
  • Peter Elliott, City of Ft. Worth
  • Julie Dixon, Dixon Resources Unlimited
  • Brett Wood, Wood Solutions Group
  • Commander Caleb Davis, City of Paso Robles Police Department
  • Parking Manager Donna King, City of Paso Robles Police Department
  • Sgt Dave Tomlin, City of Beverly Hills Police Department
  • Alek Miller, Planner, City of McKinney
  • Eric Davis, Marshall’s Office, City of McKinney
  • Michael Tinglof, Dixon Resources Unlimited
  • Jannette Benefee, DFW Airport
  • Michael Han  DFW International Airport
  • Paul Ruksc, Quercus,
  • Scott Weiland, PE, Innovative Engineering, Inc
  • Barbara Chance, Chance Management Advisors,
  • Bob Harkins, Harkins Consulting, LLC
  • Ali  Khaksar, Tagmaster,
  • Susan McDermott, Transcore
  • Mario Baggio, Alchemco
  • Teresa Trussell, CAPP, PayByPhone,
  • Thomas (Tom) Kelly, Bowling Green State University
  • Rebecca Guiterrez, Blink,
  • Paul Young, Juicebar,
  • Mark Henderson, EV Box.
  • Roamy Valera, PayByPhone,
  • Mark Pratt, One Parking,
  • John Van Horn, Parking Today,

These industry experts are scheduled to speak at PIE. This is a short list, More tomorrow.  Register for PIE 2021 to be held at the Texas Gaylord Hotel in Dallas here.


Picture of John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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