Here’s a MSM Scoop…


Here’s a MSM Scoop…

An ace Chicago Reporter has "discovered" that the company that has leased the city's parking spaces is going to be compensated if the city decides to shut down the spaces either for street fairs or construction or whatever. OMG another parking scandal, or is it?

Let's see – I rent some space for my hardware store. One day my landlord calls me and says "John, I'm going to have to seal off your front door for a month while I make repairs on the roof. Sorry" So, I'm just supposed to go fishing for those four weeks and lose any income. NOT – Naturally I would expect some compensation from the landlord.

Likewise Chicago Parking Meter should receive some compensation when the city gets the bright idea to have a Saint Swithen's Day parade and block off 1000 meters for the day. After all, the bid was based on so many meters generating so much revenue based on those meters being available for use. Most probably snow and acts of God had to be taken into consideration by the bidder, however the whims of a city government can't be.

It's not only fair, its good business. Too bad our heroine, the ace reporter, doesn't know anything about business. This is a non story.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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