He”s Baaaaaack — Gerhard


He”s Baaaaaack — Gerhard

Robotic Parking is exhibiting at the IPI. I spent a few minutes with Gerhard Haag and his wife Peggy this afternoon. He’s just as dynamic and all singing and dancing and ever.  I know that many believe that he and his company fell on their faces in Hoboken, but I’m one of the few that don’t.

Did he have problems, absolutely, but he also fought an uphill battle with the city, the contractor, the weather, and practically everything else that could go wrong and did. Gerhard was certainly naive. But frankly I find him a nice guy.

He told me that he was commuting between the middle east where he is selling his systems and the Tampa area where he lives. He wants to be in Tampa to see his kids, who are getting ready to graduate high school. He says its hot in the Emirates, maybe upwards of 125, but its a dry heat, not like here in Tampa.  Dry heat — yeah right, Gerhard, when its over 105, dry, wet, its damned hot.


Gerhard Haag is moving on. "What else can I do?  We have a good product, we have a company. Now we have customers. I build the machines here in Florida, test them, put them in a container and ship them to our customer in the Middle east. They are assembled there. I will spend the next two years teaching the folks we have licensed our patents to and then they will be on their own."

He has had a rough row, but he’s kept hoeing.  Gerhard Haag will always land on his feet.

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  1. John,
    Please inform Mr.Haag someone in his company is wrongly advertising false information for the IPI link :”With over 600,000 parking transactions in four years of operation, the garage achieved a 99.99% reliability rating”. http://conference.parking.org/e_pop_profiles.cfm?exhibitor=1&EID=156787
    That erroneous .01% downtime equates to 3.504 hrs over 4 years: During my yearlong nightmare as site manager we were broken down in excess of 100 hours.
    600,000 transactions: HA HA, Weekdays rarely exceeded 200 per day and weekends were less than 25% of that.
    Do the math Gerhard and if you need a change, try being honest!

  2. More false advertising or does/did RPS own a automated garage in DC.?
    Smart Parking
    George Jetson’s car folded into a briefcase. Robotic Parking Systems has the same efficiency in mind. The Florida companies automated garages are programmed to place cars on the floor that best suits a driver’s return time. They require no ramps, and can house twice the cars in 1/2 the space. RPS has garages in Washington, D.C. and Hoboken, N.J.
    PS: Robotic could have and should have done a better job at creating bogus graphs…..Guess what happens when you overlap the many charts they post?
    (look at the graph……..May-June,2003….negative transactions?)
    (look at the graph, http://robopark.com/email/dec.html……March, 2003 negative transactions?)
    Let me show a chart for the transactions of “Pinellas Park Garage” once touted on Roboticparking.com
    1 Billion
    0 ————————————————————————

  3. Enough already — we get your point. I’ve had enough Robotic bashing for one post. I understand that this is in litigation and that all sides will have their say in court. Let’s let the judge decide

  4. This is not just a bash session. This is about informing investors and other honest people about a crook. Yes Gerhard (Royce, or whatever) has some great ideas, but, he is still has made some very questionable business decisions (decisions that effect the whole automated industry). All I know is if I got ripped off by a company, and then the C.E.O. changed his name and created new business entities to market under, I would be warning people. For some reason people don’t see integrity as part of business anymore. I hope Gerhard/Royce is on a new path, but I still don’t see a problem with exposing the truth.

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