Hints for Blackberry Users


Hints for Blackberry Users

For those of you who don’t travel frequently across multiple time zones, this will not be of importance, but those of you who do travel and use Blackberry like devices, this may be of some help.

It seems that in its infinite wisdom, Blackberry sets the time based on your home time zone which is set up when you get your instrument. So when you change the time to say, Australian time, the dammed thing changes it right back to LA time.

OK, so you get smart and change the time zone to the Australian Time zone. GREAT, except now, all the calendar settings are really confused — they don’t know where they are and are days and hours off.

The solution, turn off the automatic time setting feature, and then set the time and date to where you are, and leave the time zone setting where you came from. Works great.

I also found out two other things – You phone does wring at 2 AM with sales calls from Verizon if you have your office phone forwarded to your cell. But you can turn off the ringer, of course. My concern was that the alarm wouldn’t ring if you turned off the ringer. Guess what – experimentation shows that the ringer doesn’t ring with a phone call, but the alarm continues to work. Ah, the wonders of modern science.

I know that there are probably more reasonable and sensible ways to handle these issues, but they aren’t included in that little postage stamp size piece of paper you receive with your Blackberry (quick start up) and who wants to read the 500 page tome written by a Tolstoy descendent. Trial and error – that’s the ticket.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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