Houston Politicizes Parking


Houston Politicizes Parking

Its an interesting approach — Houston has moved parking from the Municipal Court department to the Convention and Entertainment Department and formed a commission with a group of folks only one of whom has ever done anything more with parking than give their car to a valet but I digress.

It seems that the moving of parking to the Entertainment dept was a way to get some of the parking revenue used for something other than the general fund. I guess I can see the wisdom in that. My spies in Houston sent in this summary:

The Commission will
direct Parking Management in the resolution of parking issues and serve as a
public forum. The Commission is charged with:

  • Addressing parking
  • Directing future
  • Proposing regulations deemed
    necessary to ensure adequate supply and turnover

Any proposals from the
Commission must be approved by City Council.


The Parking Commission
will also help establish a sound public policy. Parking has gone through many
changes in the past year. We were moved from the Municipal Court Dept. to the
Convention & Entertainment Facilities dept to:

  1. Put us in a more customer-service
    friendly department
  2. Convention Dept. is an enterprise
    fund – Muni Courts sends all revenue to the general fund. In Convention, we will
    retain some of our revenues to re-invest in parking.
  3. Convention Dept. has the off-street
    parking division – now on-street and off-street parking are within the same
    dept. and work more closely together.

We’ll follow up and report


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