How Smart are Smart Cars


How Smart are Smart Cars

Smart cars are really smart, and easy to park. BUT be careful. If you buy one of the new Mercedes build tiny vehicles, be sure you park it the same way you currently do with your 20 foot long super tanker. Yep, even thought the car will fit nose to curb and still not protrude any further in the street than if you parked in a normal manner, the law says you must have your right tires within 18 inches of the curb. I’m told that in San Francisco, where else, that if you and your buddy park your smart cars in one space, that’s legal, as long as someone pays the meter. If the time runs out, both cars are ticketed.

Of course my belief is that both should pay, but if you like, charge them less since they are using less curb space. Now that makes sense, just as a stretch Escalade should pay more than my Escort. Pay for what you use.

These cars are going to mean some changes in the laws. Not a bad idea.

Oh my sister-in-law in Calgary has one of these things. We were talking with her boyfriend one day about noise and being able to hear each other in the car. He says it’s no problem. You are only inches apart.


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