How long will you live


How long will you live

The IRS knows everything, including how long you will live. Check out this chart:

All you do is find your current age and it will tell you how much longer you will live.  So someone who is 61, can expect to live another 24 and a half years, or will die about 85. Naturally if you are in good heath, and your parents died at 100, you have a chance of making it much longer.  Note something else. The older you are, the longer you will live — What do you mean "HUH"

If you are 85 now, you can expect to live another 7.6 years.  See how it works.

My granddaughter (who is coming up on her first birthday) can expect to live to be 82. But if she makes it to 82, she can expect to live to be 91.

Of course we don’t know what the numbers will be when she is 82…For all we know, by then, life expectancy will be 150.  Poor Kid.


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  1. That reminds me of a joke: Do you know why married men die before their wives do? Because they really, really want to. (Sorry, girlfriends…)

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