Huntsville Parking Gets Involved in Rental Market


Huntsville Parking Gets Involved in Rental Market

Seems the parking folks in Huntsville, AL are now involved in promoting rental space in the central city. Read about it here. The deal is that any business that moves downtown will receive a 50% reduction in their parking costs. The length of time depends on the term of their lease. I’m guessing that very few companies move into an area simply because the parking is cheap.

If you read the article you find that the buildings that are empty are the older ones and the new buildings are all full. The city might do better to offer tax breaks for refurbishment, or check the zoning laws or remove the parking requirements for businesses in the area.

I wonder what would happen if the money generated from parking downtown was put back into urban renewal for parks, plazas, new sidewalks, cleaner alleys and the like.

Mark thinks they have opened a box once owned by Pandora. What about all the existing companies, will they want reduced parking, too when their leases are up? Ahh the famous law of unintended consequences.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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