I felt a bit of balance was due…


I felt a bit of balance was due…


I always print when someone complains, so I felt a bit of balance was due…

Good Afternoon, Mr. Van Horn!

We’ve met at the IPI show a time or two.

Firstly, I sent my #2, Kathy, to the P.I.E. (her first exposure to a parking conference and our first to PIE) and she roundly enjoyed it and found it to be meaningful….we’ll be back!!

Second, regarding your CEO friend, my instant thought was, “There is a means, it’s called a ‘private’ showing at the Trade Show”.  I’ve done a couple of them over the years, after hours, all pre-arranged.  It’s a great opportunity for the intimacy with serious customers that he rather wishes to make contact with.  I found them to be very good and would think that the two vendors’ found it to be the same.

Third, I’m wholly unimpressed w/RFK, jr. and will skip that one.  Waste of resources, I say.  You’re right that he’s a “big name” but most of that is piggybacking on his dad’s name.  I realize that green initiatives aren’t the hallmark of Texas (I hail originally from Washington, where they are), but we probably could’ve found someone with more knowledge and less “name.”

I very much enjoy the mag and your blog, you’re a good egg!!

Best Wishes,

Greg: I agree with everything you say – wow..However My CEO wanted to REPLACE his booth at the trade show with the Private meetings. That would mean that there would be no show. It’s the show and all the flash and dash that brings folks out. I do completely agree that private meetings are in fact better and should be encouraged. I’ll be at the IPI, but may have something to do with RFKj speaks.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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