I Hate Twitter  Hate Hate Hate     


I Hate Twitter  Hate Hate Hate     

Yes, my comments below about Tony Jordan and Portland created a Twitter storm, well maybe a Twitter drizzle, and I found myself lambasted from as far away as Singapore and as close to home as the PDXshoupistas. My problem isn’t criticism, I have a fairly thick skin, my problem is that I have great difficulty responding in 280 characters.

Note that the above paragraph is almost exactly 280 characters and says virtually nothing. A university in Italy has done a study of Twitter, comparing it to classroom learning, and found the following:

In fact, the cognitive problems with Twitter may very well be its differences, as those who have grown frustrated with the platform well know. Its character limit rewards pithiness over thoughtfulness, and promotes zingers over analysis. Even in the best of environments, Twitter is less a place for reasoned discourse than for gossip and pleasantries. Thanks to Twitter management’s heavy-handed “community standards” policies and the snitch-society incentives they have created, the best of environments has long since departed. Read the entire article here.

Get that – “less a place for reasoned discourse than for gossip and pleasantries…”

Nevertheless we here at PT are caught in the Twitter nightmare and will continue to use it to communicate, however as we did last night, we will attempt to direct folks to a place for “reasoned discourse”, ie this blog, a place where there is no limit on the number of characters one can use to get their point across.

It’s easy to call someone out, it is more difficult to shore up your position with more than a ‘pithy comment.’

I challenge you to read my ‘stuff’, and then comment with thoughtfulness and analysis.

See you around the blog.


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