I thought Texans were Smarter than This


I thought Texans were Smarter than This

We live in a society (basically everyone on earth) that believes that parking should be free and also hates everyone connected to the parking industry.  OK an overstatement, but you know what I mean. And along comes this:

A disabled Vet, attending a disabled veteran convention in Dallas, had his handicapped enabled van booted because he was given a parking permit by another disabled vet who was leaving early and had time on the permit. There were no signs that said the permits were not transferable. The original owner of the permit had bought it earlier that day. He noticed that our literal Hero was having trouble with the P and D machine (semi paralyzed hands) so he gave him the permit that had time left on it.

The van was booted and ticketed (illegally?  see below) and cost the Vet $120 to get his vehicle released.

There are so many things wrong with this. Disabled Vet — please, Booted a handicapped enabled van — double please, Didn’t void the fine – Oh come on, Told the Vet “I’m here to run a business” — Yikes.  Of course the operator did not return phone calls.

Is it any wonder we as an industry often leave a bad taste in people’s mouths.  I know for a fact that the operator of that location does wonderful charitable work in the cities where it does business. But all that good PR is erased with one nincompoop who could have turned the situation from a PR disaster to a win for everyone.

Why not tell the Vet “Sorry about the problem you had at the P and D machine. Next time see me and I’ll help you. In the mean time, let me void that ticket and get your car back on the road. Thank you for your service.”

This was the headline:

Paralyzed Veteran Angry After He’s Fined For

Using Fellow Vet’s Unexpired Parking Pass

It could have been

Paralyzed Veteran Happy with Service He Received

At Local Parking Facility. Fine Voided, Assistance Given.

But hey, its only one incident. Who cares?


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