I Attended the Amano Launch


I Attended the Amano Launch

Amano has launched its new iParc software suite and is promoting it with a roadshow hitting NY, Toronto, and LA in a week.

This little post isn’t to promote the new product, as I haven’t a clue whether or not its the greatest thing since sliced bread or the next bottom for the birdcage…but more about that later.

I’m impressed with the roll out.  They started two months ago by inviting a lot of people who would have interest, and by the way this includes some competitors. They got RSVPs by calling and asking for them. They then called yesterday to remind you to come.

They had a full breakfast, and made a journeyman presentation using PowerPoint and a real time demo flashing transactions on the screen from an installation in New Jersey.

There must have been 60 people in the room and most seemed favorably impressed.

I think this type of marketing is the bees knees and according to Bob Kane, Amano Director of Sales, they are going to try to do this at least a couple of times a year. Now you might think its expensive, and my guess is that it cost about $150 per person to put on, including the $25 dollar binder and the airfare and hotels for the techie guys from back east, but if you think about it, its cheap.

Plus you had the audience feeding off itself. All software VEEP Mike Hanney had to do was ask for questions and then let the room sell itself. Its a good technique. The presenters need to learn when to talk and when not to, but nevertheless, this is something that really works.

You must, however, work the area well first and ensure that you fill the house.

Now as for iParc.  Its an on line software suite that provides reporting for all aspects of your garage operation (revenue, daily, cards, lot count, etc) and allows you to access the data and reports from your web browser over the internet. You can run one or a bunch of locations with one server and manage the facility from anywhere. Amano has, according to Hanney, committed to this software world wide, and is writing it and supporting it from the US, China, Europe (Bulgaria) as well as Japan.

They are just now installing it and my guess is that it will work as well as the installation and the data that is collected from the existing Amano equipment in the field. Based on Microsoft <.net>  – that’s dot net – technology, there is no reason why it shouldn’t, however as with all database collection systems, its only as good as the data that it collects. Garbage in, Garbage….

Amano says they have about 30 of these guys in the installation process.  Lets get some reviews from the users and have a few good auditors check them out. Then we shall see.

They are doing a good job of marketing — as usual, we wish all manufacturers all the best.


Oh yes, it was great to talk to Joe Randisi, from Kaiser in Oakland. He brought back memories of my sales days when Don White installed the Secom System at Kaiser, over 15 years ago. The system, according to Joe, in a much later version, is still there. Also present were Arnold Klauber from Ampco, Clyde Wilson, Eliott Nemerson and at least 55 others but my memory is failing.

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