I can’t pass this one up


I can’t pass this one up

31 people who park at Orlando International Airport charged over $11,500 in parking fees using comp parking cards, but paid a total of about $1500 in actual folding green. Who were they? Who do you think, VIPs and politicians. (SFO had the same problems and put the kibosh on it a few months ago.)

Read the story here — Florida Gov Jeb Bush signed a law about gifts to politicians and this falls under it. or not — but they are setting and example.

Go Florida – if politicians paid what it costs the rest of the world to park, maybe they would begin to understand that parking is a big and important business, and not something to be given away.

By the way, if you run an office building it would be a good idea to find out how much money you are losing because you are giving away parking to visitors, VIPs, and others. Most of the time its at your behest so don’t blame the operator. Those $10 and $5 charges add up fast. Some call this the fictitious volume in your garage. You know the money that you could get but don’t because you decided to give free parking in lieu of rent, or because its your spouse’s brother in law.

Gotta run Jeb’s brother is on the tube.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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