I felt so stupid


I felt so stupid

I flew last week from Tampa, to Baltimore.  I stopped off at the Charlotte airport on business, but didn’t have to leave the secure side of the airport. When I arrived at BWI I rented a car. I use Budget’s Fast Track meaning I simply go to the car, get in and drive out. When I reached the gate I reached for my ID to show the attendant, and sure enough. It wasn’t there. I pulled out of line, searched every square inch of clothing, baggage, nothing.

I went back in and with my internationally know charm was able to rent the car with a photo ID from Costco. But now what — I had a much bigger problem. I was driving up to Newark, seeing folks along the way, and then had to "GET ON AN AIRPLANE" with no ID.

I called American Air Lines and they told me to take all the ID I had and hope for the best.  I called the TSA and was put on hold for 24 minutes (I gave up).  However, then I remembered that a few years ago my bank or someone needed me to fax a copy of my driver’s license and passport.  I had scanned them and they were in my PC. 

So, I printed out a copy of each. Went up to the folks at the security checkpoint just like I knew what I was doing. I had a dilemma. There were two people there. One that looked like he had an IQ of about room temperature, the other, a woman, who looked pretty sharp. I took the woman. She looked at the stuff I had, looked at me, thought about it for about 10 seconds, and then let me through.

I guess the fact that I wasn’t a 70 year old grandmother, a six month old child, or a nun ensured I didn’t fit the profile.

Lessons learned:

1. Don’t loose you ID
2. Have a copy of your ID in your briefcase AND in your baggage AND in your computer.  You most likely won’t lose all of them at the same time.

Oh yes — I went the next day to DMV for a replacement. I was amazed. All the rumors about the horrors of the place are over the top.  I went in, had no appointment. Its fully automated. At least as far as organizing the waiting lines are concerned.  I was given a number. When it came up on a display, I went to a counter, The person took care of me in about three minutes. Total time, in and out, 20 minutes.

Somebody has done something right.,

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