I guess we can’t get anyone’s attention until somebody dies


I guess we can’t get anyone’s attention until somebody dies

Frustration thy name is Clyde Wilson. The owner of Parking Network told me that he can’t get anyone at the city of LA to return his calls after the firebombing of his offices in the City of Angels last week.

He would think that they would be outraged, incensed, or even mildly piqued, that their auditor had been so brazenly threatened. But nothing.

Even the police are quiet.  "I guess since no one was killed they don’t seem to want to do anything. We are certain who did it, and we’ve told them. But so far, nothing has happened,"Clyde said.

Clyde is working his way up the food chain in the city. Hopefully in the next day or so he will hit someone at the right level and things will change. He knows that he must have the strong backing of the city if he is to complete his audit of garages that are violating the city’s rules and regs. "Without it, we are simply pointing at violators and they continue to get away with their violations."

I was surprised that this arson was ignored by the local media, too. Not a word on TV or in the papers.

"They were interested when they discovered that EL AL was on our floor, but when it turned out that they weren’t involved, and there was no terrorist activity, homeland security, and the press went away," said Clyde.

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