I hope his house never catches on fire


I hope his house never catches on fire

This is rich — A local resident of Clarion PA was upset because the volunteer firemen, in responding to a fire, didn’t park their cars straight in a alleyway behind the firehouse.  The guy actually called 911 and got two police to respond to the parking problem. The firemen returned about then and moved the car, the police, fortunately ignored the incident.

The idiot, er citizen, took the complaint to the city council, and it seems this isn’t the first time.  He said:

Now I was here before and you said you don’t care
where they park," Elliott said to City councilman Zerfoss.

"And I still don’t," fired back Zerfoss.
"Those guys are out there risking their lives for other people. I’m not
going to worry about where they park when they’re doing it."

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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