I just can’t get enough of those Brits


I just can’t get enough of those Brits

Here’s a list of complaints where overzealous parking wardens wrote tickets in Birmingham:

* Birmingham restaurant owner Carmine
Sacco, manager of San Carlo in the city centre, hit with a £60 ticket
while he was asleep in his car in Snow Hill earlier this month.

OK, I might have woken the guy up, but he would have complained about that.

* Disabled grandmother Bertha Williamson, 78, was issued with a ticket because her orange badge was upside down.

What was the fine?  Here in the US things like that have no fine if they are corrected and you show someone that you have done it (also true for missing tags, headlights out, etc)

* Jobseeker Chris Butler received a ticket because the back of his car jutted slightly beyond the parking bay markings.

How could we know he was a job seeker?  and what difference did that make anyway — I’m sure the guy who hit him because he was parked improperly cared.

District nurse Nicky Willetts, from Sutton Coldfield, was left fuming
after a traffic warden slapped on a £60 parking ticket as she delivered
equipment to a patient’s home.

Ditto above — perhaps the locals should have a way for doctors and visiting nurses have a placard.

* Ray Hickinbotham, dressed as Santa, was fined as he was handing out presents in Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Oh give me a break.  This is pandering of the worst sort. No one could have possibly known who this guy was and what he was up to.  Sheesh. This is so typical of the Brits.  Play on the heartstrings. If these are typical of the reasons they are up in arms, I have no sympathy at all.


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  1. What you say about us Brits is interesting! After many years and following regular and increasing public outcry, our Government is proposing to deal with the problems faced by parking customers. It has issued what we call “Statutory Guidance” for a period of consultation, Following this a number of new practices will be recommended for implementation by local authorities, the main parking providers.

  2. More bureaucracy and more pandering — I’m not saying that unique to the British Isles, but frankly its balderdash. This all started when
    1. Parking was decriminalized
    2. Local authorities found they could line their coffers
    3. The NHS found that charging made their parking issues go away
    4. Private firms started actually enforcing the parking rules.
    Yes or no, Kalwant?
    Also — can you list some cases, not like the ones above, but where the citations was actually inappropriately written? And how many were those compared witht he total number written…

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