I sound like a broken record


I sound like a broken record

Huntley, IL, has a problem. The local park is so popular that folks are parking in the neighborhoods around the park and walking across people’s lawns, and causing all sorts a mayhem in this Chicago burb. Read about it here.

The solution — cut back on activities at the park – and restrict parking in the neighborhoods.

I have another solution — Charge for parking in the neighborhoods and put the money right back into the neighborhoods.  My guess is the folks who are complaining will see things in a different light when they have new street lights, more cops, a tree planting program, better snow removal, and the like.

Also, if folks have to pay, perhaps they will decide to car pool, walk, ride bikes, take the bus, and Voila, congestion will be reduced.

The alternative — reduce the functions at the park (not a good thing, I think) or make things worse by reducing the availability of parking.

If they do that, the next step will be building a garage at the park (that will take years). In the mean time, locals who moved there because of the park continue to complain.  Pay em off — take parking money and plow it back into the neighborhood.

Just my opinion, and the rest of the Shoupistas.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. see John I can read! Why reduce activities in the park, close it down tarmac it over and use it as a car park. Really though I agree with you. Parking is an enabling activity to support other things, not an end in itself except for sad guys like you and me. by all means facilitate parking but use mechanisms such as charging so it does not take over.

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