If you build it they will come…


If you build it they will come…

Tulsa, OK, has determined that there is no need to build a huge parking garage to go with its new 18,000 seat arena downtown.  Although some had said there simply wasn’t enough parking, the City Dads (and Moms) and Walker Parking Consultants determined that within a 10 minute walk of the arena there were over 9,000 spaces that would be available during events. And, figuring 3.1 persons per car, that would be more than enough for the project.

Wow. Its not often that you see agreement on projects like this. Most of the time they simply build a garage, one space for every seat, and let it go at that. Taking into consideration the fact that people actually go to events in pairs, or in groups of pairs, and taking into consideration that walking 10 minutes isn’t a bad thing, these folks made the right decision.

As for walking — I was taking a look at the parking operation at Dodger Stadium the other day and it was noted that most of the people who park in the lots surrounding the diamond walk at least that far to get to their seats.

If people want to see the event, they will park wherever available and walk whatever it takes.


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