I’m confused


I’m confused

I know, it’s not a new thing for me to be confused. But I thought that if you handed over your keys to a valet either on street or in a garage, that the valet company accepted liability for anything that happened to the car, not the contents but to the vehicle.

The city of Chicago Aldermen are considering an ordinance which would codify this. Read about it here.

So, if I am right, why is there a need for the ordinance? And, as correspondent Mark puts it:

The basic law of physics is that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.  If this ordinance passes the reaction will be an increase in rates, at which time the subsequent reaction will be complaints about the increase in rates, after which the reaction will be this same Alderwoman pushing an ordinance to have the “greedy” parking operators roll back rates, etc, etc, etc…………. 

Of course Mark is right, and usually in virtually everything dealing with politicians. Afterall, didn’t Barney Frank push for more liberal loan practices and then blame the very same banks that instituted those practices and brought about the current recession



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