I’m Stunned by this one


I’m Stunned by this one

As Mark points out – This can’t be right:

“First off, contrary to a commonly held perception among traders, shoppers were not highly dissatisfied with the quality of parking in the town centre.  Spokesman David McGuigan said: “In fact, the single most influential reason for not visiting Hexham was seen to lie in its poorer shopping offer than elsewhere.”

Read all about it here.

Sure enough. They did a survey and low and behold, the reason people didn’t want to shop in this fair community was not because there was poor parking, they actually felt the parking was OK – It was because the shops were not up to snuff.

As you know, I have been saying this for years. There simply is no substitute for good marketing, good products, and great shops and stores. If you build it, they will come.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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