I’m shocked SHOCKED…


I’m shocked SHOCKED…

Just at Captain Renault (Claude Rains) in Casablanca was shocked SHOCKED to see gambling going on at Rick’s, as he was being paid his winnings, I was shocked SHOCKED to see that the city of Chico, Ca, was proceeding with a parking structure in its downtown area, even though all surveys said it was unnecessary.

Check it out here in the Chico Enterprise Record.

Seems that a study done of the downtown area showed that the place was never that’s NEVER full of cars. There was always parking. In addition, 75% of the people surveyed thought that parking was fine just as it was.

So the city proceeds anyway to build more parking. It will spend $11 million on the garage which will service little purpose except sit empty. The money for the project is coming from a increase in on street fees.  Let see, we raise the fees to park on street — that will reduce the number of vehicles that will park on street and make parking more available – then take the money are build a garage which the increase in fees makes even more unnecessary.

The mind boggles


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