I’m Surprised at all of You


I’m Surprised at all of You

I note with some surprise that although almost 300 of you interested in parking read my entries in parking blog each day, few take the time to respond or give your views.

Of course, it could be that you simply agree with me. Yes, that must be it!


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John Van Horn

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  1. Can’t speak for the rest but I enjoy looking at the daily blog. Looking for what interests me.
    The Central news stirred a lot of reaction. The down and dirty day to day commercial parking news is what I find to be of interest.

  2. I read this blog everyday-quite interesting-how about some comments on the lack of companies willing to insure valet parking companies-to insure the small time operator not the Centrals of this world but the small operator-it is quite a huge problem.In fact,it would make a great magazine article.Please don’t respond with Alliance.

  3. John: I have found your Blog most interesting and I read it every morning. Personally my failure to comment to date has been more a function of lack of time than lack of interest. However, it may also be that so far I find myself agreeing with you on most everything you have posted.
    Thanks for turning me on to Dr. Shoup’s book. I am on my second reading and it is just as valid this time thru as it was the first. The challenge now will be to get this information out to the decision makers. My perception is that until this point the political constituencies who see immediate benefit from “free” parking and can’t grasp the big picture have had the politician’s ears, and as always in politics the squeeky wheel gets the grease.
    We are stocking up on Dr. Shoup’s book and I am plotting how to not only get copies in the hands of political decision makers but to have them actually read and understand it.

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