Industry Notes is Current


Industry Notes is Current

I have been playing with a new feature on Parking Today’s web site, the ability to add "industry notes" at will. I love it. Now tidbits of information that go usually in PT’s "gossip column," "Industry Notes," can be updated daily if we want on the web site. That means that a bit of news that happens say today but since we just sent the October magazine to the printers, wouldn’t appear in print until November, can be put on the PT home page.  Check it out — You can see the beginnings of the first few notes on the home page (there are different ones up there every time you log on) and then click on the link to see and read all the notes. There are over 40 "notes" listed there today and I’ll be adding more as they happen.

Content, its what the internet is all about — and CURRENT events.  Log on to our web site often and get the current parking news.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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