Industry Standard


Industry Standard

We are always being asked about the "Industry Standard."  Whether its for the number of lost tickets, the average loss ratio in off street parking, or the latest, the industry average for the acceptable amount of parking violation collections.

Did you know that the "industry average" for Parking Violation Collection was 72%. That means that its acceptable for cities to simply walk away from nearly 30% of the ticket revenue, not to mention send a message that getting a citation doesn’t really mean anything anyway.

One city has stated that operators must meet the 72%, but cannot boot, tow, or use collection agencies. HUH?

OK, here’s the deal — Why not set the standard at 100% and settle for 98%/  What’s the deal with this mediocre crap.

Use any means necessary. Boot, tow, collection agency, disallow registration of vehicles, send out the marshals at 3 AM.  Why have the rules anyway if you aren’t going to enforce them?

This is like saying that Wal Mart would be OK if they allowed 30% of their customers to leave without paying.


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