Is Automated Parking Beginning to Stir? 15 Garages in the US….


Is Automated Parking Beginning to Stir? 15 Garages in the US….

Is Automated Parking Beginning to Stir? 15 Garages in the US….

There has been some activity over at the Automated and Mechanical Parking Association. After a couple of dormant years, the group has had a conference call meeting and is moving to assist in code changes that could help move the projects forward here in the US. All to the good.

Here's a blog entry over at Parking World that tells about Robotic's success in Dubai. It's not a pipe dream, I have seen it, in person. It is working and the other Middle East projects (over 1000 cars) noted is nearly completed. I have seen that one, too. There is a third that has begun construction. Take a minute to read Pete's input. A lot is going on.

We have an article by Don Monahan in January's PT that lists all the current systems in the US, both under construction and completed. Check it out. Not too many moons ago you could count all the automated systems here on one hand. Now there are nine completed and six under construction. WOW!

Now if we could only put Hoboken behind us. The manufacturers are still squabbling in a who did who said who stole who failed conversation about the first automated garage in the US. It seems to me that the best thing that can happen is that we all move on. The time has come for those who think that they are "right" to keep their council and one with life. Every continuing negative word about the Hoboken project hurts the entire industry.


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  1. Good Idea John,
    Now tell Gerhard Haag (robotics) to get off the band wagon and stop his ridiculous law suits against
    Unitronics and the City of Hoboken. He sees big money there
    If Dubai knew the problems Hoboken had then they probably would have never stated anything with Automated
    What makes it work over there is that the cost of land is from what I understand Cheap
    Stay well and Merry christmas
    Don Pellicano

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