Is Free Parking Working in the Businesses Favor?


Is Free Parking Working in the Businesses Favor?

That was the headline of a story that ran on a Eugene, Or, TV station. The deal is that they took out the meters in their downtown area. Read about it here.

The money quote is this one:

“I’d like to think that more parking or free parking is going to help. But just from a professional perspective, I’ve not seen that and I’ve certaintly not seen that down here,” said Chris Clemow.

The deal is that the local nearby parking structures are already free. So what happened? My guess, folks decided that they would prefer to park free 20 feet from their destination than park free a block away. Some merchants find that people are coming down and parking for two hours free to work out, and that means turnover that they saw with the meters is less.

Gee, on street free parking isn’t the boon that the city though it was. They will lose $500,000 in revenue over the next two years, revenue that could be used to, what, paint the bollards and sweep up the leaves (see the video)


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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