Issues with selling to Cities


Issues with selling to Cities

I got into some great discussions with Andrew Scott and his crew at Digital Pioneer last week. Of course they are concerned with selling their product primarily to cities and higher ed.

My comments were that there are difficulties in selling P and D/S to cities because there are so many stake holders involved in the process. First, its the city council and mayor who answer to the people, then its the folks who have to install, maintain and enforce, and of course there’s the business community that is usually completely divided on most changes. Last but not least you have the people who live in and visit the community and have to use the new technology.

I think back on a comment made by a Brit about nine months ago about how long it takes to sell to US cities. It caused a firestorm of comment. But in a way, he was correct (as I commented at the time.) To change the technology used to collect parking charges is difficult enough on its face, without having to sell your concept and ideas to half a dozen political and bureaucratic groups at the same time.

My hat’s off to those that can accomplish this task. When I have a sales hat on, I am always looking for the person that "makes the decision."  Try and find them in an organization with all chiefs and no chiefs.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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