It Must be that Summer Blues – Cell Phones


It Must be that Summer Blues – Cell Phones

There’s some parking "stuff" to blog about, but I’m going to comment now on those folks that use their cell phones in public places and speak at the top of their lungs.

OK, I admit it, I do answer my cell in public places, but when I do, I whisper into the phone. The people on the other end don’t even notice. but it ensures that I don’t raise my voice 10 db when I answer the call.

I was at breakfast this morning and the fellow behind me was talking quietly to whomever was joining him for his meal. About ten minutes after I arrived he answer a call and his voice became "booming." People were turning around all over the place looking at him. He talked on the phone for 15 minutes my by watch, and then hung up. He returned to the quiet voice he used before the call.

What was I to do? I really didn’t want to confront the guy, but frankly I was upset….But I got an idea. When I got back to the office, I printed up some business card sized notices that said:


I’m sure you don’t realize it, but when you talk on your cell phone, you raise your voice at least twice as loud as you do when you talk without the phone. It is very intrusive to all the folks around you who really don’t want to intrude on your privacy.
I might suggest that you "whisper" when you answer the phone. It is designed to work very well with soft voices. If your caller can’t hear you, they will let you know and you can adjust.


I’m going to hand these cards to folks I hear using cell phones in high voices.  In the supermarket, at the theater (sigh) and in restaurants. 

Ok, I’m not stupid. I’m going to hand it to them and walk away before they have a chance to read it.

Let’s see if this works. 


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