Its Hot


Its Hot

I have been working on the October PT and then took a couple of days off and went down to our place in Temecula/Murrieta. If you think its hot where you are, guess again. I walked outside at noon. It was 107 degrees in the shade and probably closer to 125 in the sun.  Your skin literally sizzles like you have some sort of rash. There is nothing to do except stay inside and pray the power doesn’t go off.

We were fortunate that the heat wave hit on the weekend so much of the electrical consumption at factories and offices was reduced. That way, our air conditioners were kept on and working efficiently.

My wife and I live about 3 miles from the ocean in Los Angeles and even on the hottest of days, it seldom gets over 85 degrees. I got up in the morning in Temecula and looked out at the golf course. They were flooding the greens to keep them from being destroyed in the heat. I took a cup of coffee into to Robyn and said, "What the hell are we doing here, when we have a perfectly nice place where it is 20 degrees cooler." We packed up the dogs and hit the road. We were back home by noon and in our nice cool airconditionless house. The sea breeze picked up about 4 and we sat outside and had an adult beverage under the pepper tree in the back yard.

I thought about all those folks that were living in the San Fernando valley where it got DOWN to 90 at midnight and those we left in Southern California’s Wine country where it was too hot even to go out to the mall. Then I remembered why we bought the place we did. How we predicted that we would only live there 5 years (that was 20 years ago.)

Life is hell, but someone has to live it.  But there are also no more excuses. I have to get back to blog, back to work.



John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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