It’s Working in Abu Dhabi


It’s Working in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has instituted a new parking system to get its chaotic parking under control. They are charging for parking (it was free) and beginning to enforce fines. Here are some quotes:

Humaid Al Shamshi, Emirati trade finance officer with a bank here, said, “Illegal parking really crammed the hotspots of the city but now we feel at ease during the day. Parking should always be organised as disorganised parking, especially in the night, put others in big trouble as other cars block their way out. We can now move easily.”

Mohammed Rawwas, government relations officer at the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, said, “Paying Dh2 (about 50c)for one hour of parking in the day is not a big deal. Now, we can see the parking is well organised. After the introduction of paid parking, people don’t leave their vehicles for long hours, a common practice earlier.”

”Parking fees should be paid by the company for which we work. It is an extra burden on us to pay, say Dh15, everyday. To save this money, we park our vehicles far away from our office in free parking areas.”

Alexander Maddasoc, civil engineer, said, “I brought my wife for treatment at a hospital and easily got parking which was earlier difficult. Monitoring during night is a good move as the Khalifa Street area is very crowded in the day as well as night.”

I love the third one – Well Duh – that’s exactly what is supposed to happen. It’s working. The UAE is civilized in its manners, and its business – now its becoming civilized in its parking.


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