Its the Weekend


Its the Weekend

I was walking this morning with Shiloh and Heidi and dammed if a female mallard didn’t come flying down the street at about 10 feet off the ground. She is the replacement for the mate of a duck that lives in the neighborhood and lost his lover of many years to a semi that was cruising our area.

The neighbors were concerned that he would pine but after an appropriate period of mourning, he picked up a cute chick and all is well. They, and their brood, live in the flower beds and swim in the pools. Its not unusual to seem them walking up the street, single file.

I guess the LA west side hasn’t completely killed off urban animals. In fact, they seem to thrive here. We have ducks, crows, a flock of green parrots (noisy suckers), squirrels, possums, and raccoons. I have spotted a golden eagle, and a large number of peregrine falcons.

Deer, coyotes, and pumas live in the hills above Hollywood and do come down when dry weather forces them out of their habitat. Friends living in that area have to fence off their gardens to protect their flora, and to protect cats and dogs from the carnivorous critters.

The real oddball in our neighborhood is a beautiful white cockateil. This elegant beast has taken up residence in a 40 foot high palm and has developed a relationship with a flock of crows that live nearby. He can be seen flying with them and pecking on lawns. Visualize a dozen black birds flying over with one pure white. The crows are noisy, but this fellow drowns them all out. Cars stop and people get out and point. I understand they live for a hundred years. Its great to think that he will be in the "hood" for generations.

What’s all this got to do with parking? Nothing. But that’s how blogs work. You can put anything in you want.  Great isn’t it?

See you tomorrow.


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