Jeff Fitzwilliams Sells Standard Parking Systems


Jeff Fitzwilliams Sells Standard Parking Systems

I have received word that Jeff Fitzwilliams has sold Standard Parking Systems to his long time second in command, Dave Peters. Dave notes that he takes over January First and will continue to do business as normal.

I exchanged emails with Jeff, asked about his change of status and whether or not he would be playing a lot more golf. He commented:

I started my
business January 23, 1978.  So I’ve been wearing this feedbag for 30 years and I
think that is long enough.  Golf is not what I am going to do.  Frankly, I don’t
know how I will spend my time.  I used to make a living running political
campaigns.  I was pretty good at that.  Maybe I’ll get back into politics. 

I told Jeff that running  political campaigns is a good gig. You get paid win or lose, however if you lose too many, you might have trouble finding a job.

All the best to Jeff in whatever endeavor  he finds. Dave has some large shoes to fill, but he does have a good history with the revenue control manufacturer and we wish him well.


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  1. John: I’ve known and enjoyed Jeff’s wit, charm and his never-sated appetite to improve the revenue integrity in the world of parking since the inception of the “Andy” in the early 80’s. I quite frankly never thought he’d leave the industry…but, then again, he did move from Chicago to Cleveland!
    Wishing him all the best.

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