Jury Duty


Jury Duty

I’m on it. And we are deliberating. The Judge says we can’t say anything so I won’t, but check back in a few and I will fill you in.

One comment for all those who express shock and horror at being called to sit on a jury. I was at the home of a very wealthy friend last night. He was moaning about my service on the jury. How terrible, horrible. I told him that it was interesting and would take less than a week. He grumbled that if it was OK with me, then so be it but inferred he would do anything rather than sit on a jury. I told him that the judge pointed out that;

“Now that there is no draft, we are asked as Americans to do only two things for our country, pay taxes and sit on a jury. Seems like a small thing in exchange for all the wonders we enjoy.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. Plus, if you’re ever wrongfully accused of something, wouldn’t you want a group of your real peers on the jury, not just the folks who can’t get out of it?
    On a larger scale the jury’s chance to judge the law is also an important part of the checks and balances of our system.

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