Just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all


Just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all

From Mark:

 “……..an attempt to bring out the poetry in parking enforcement…….shift our relationship to parking enforcement from one fraught with anxiety, confusion and resentment to one that includes gentleness, wonder, curiosity and joy…….meant to bring warmth and wonder to the world of parking regulations……..I got a boot once, and I didn’t feel bad for me. I felt bad for the car. It looked so humiliated…….”

When I first read the article, I assumed it was from Cambridge in the UK. Silly me. Of course it would have its origins in Mass, and of course in the hometown of Harvard. I love the part about booting a car with a “cloth boot” so the car won’t feel bad. Oh read it, its worth the jump. The article is here

Sorry, but “touchy feely” won’t make the relationship between parking enforcement and the public change. What will do so is an attitude adjustment of the parking enforcement folks to one which considers the parkers as “customers” and not felons. Of course we need to enforce, but enabling and training enforcement staff to make on the spot decisions. Having a program of “warnings” for first offenses and judgment calls (Is it 18 inches from the curb, really?). And what about instituting a program where revenue from parking, both citation and monies collected, goes to the neighborhoods from wince it came, and then telling folks that the money from the citation they just paid went to new parks or lights or police or sidewalks. I think all these would do a heck of a lot more than yoga, poetry, and stuffed “Denver Boots.”

Just saying


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. I think that the industry does need to have on-going de-escalation training for front-line staff to help them deal with angry customers who park contrary to signage and regulations. But to institute a system of warnings? Why?
    If you do this in a public place you are saying to the public come park here contrary to the signage there will be no penalty. You will get a warning reminding you about something you already know. Too bad about the legitimate “customer” who can’t find a park for cars illegally parked festooned with bits of paper.
    Warnings can work when the customers are regular, such as in a large staff car park where the same parkers come every day. Even better is a warning followed up with a phone call asking them to move their vehicle.
    This sort of approach is essential when the demand for parking out strips the supply and a small but significant minority seek an unfair advantage over those who accept the situation and park elsewhere when the car parks are full. Drivers who accept limits and take responsibility for their parking need the support that this approach brings

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