Katrina Relief


Katrina Relief

As we watch the horror unfold in the Mississippi Delta, we are numbed almost beyond response. We would all love to jump in the car and go and help, but that’s not realistic. However there are organizations that are pros at this and are already helping. And they need our help.

My wife works for the American Red Cross and she says that the best you can do right now is send money. They can purchase the supplies they need in a better form than if they receive them directly from you.

The Salvation Army is on site and working. They need help too. Plus there are many organizations you can find through your church, school, or employer. Wherever it is, all help is good.

Here are two links:

American Red Cross

Salvation Army

In the meantime I would suggest that we take most of the negative reports coming from the relief effort with a grain of salt.  The Main Stream Media is in a world class "if it bleeds it leads" mode and is looking for most any way to criticize and second guess what is going on. Of course, any individual who has been under the pressure of the event and lost virtually everything, is going to see whatever effort being made as not meeting the mark. That is natural and understandable.

This is a disaster of Biblical proportions. It will take months to sort out. We are in day five. 


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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