Katrina — Take Two


Katrina — Take Two

OK we are at day 10 from the hurricane and 9 from the flood in New Orleans. The naysayers and the hand ringers are hopefully getting some perspective. The flood waters are receding, the power is on in some areas of New Orleans. Oil platforms are producing, half the homes that were out of power have power back, gasoline is flowing from almost all the refineries, and the major pipeline supplying the northeast is back to 75% of capacity.

The only people left in New Orleans are those that won’t leave. It took the army, but calm has been restored. All the rest are out of the area (and have been for days) and are warm, dry, fed, and being helped by the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and FEMA. Money is flowing at an unparalleled pace, and private industry is doing its job. Wal Mart had 125 stores closed, as of today all but 14 are open. FedEX has delivered 100 tons of supplies, Home Depot, knowing the storm was coming, had redirected needed supplies to its stores and is distributing them.

Companies from across the country have donated over $200 million plus people and supplies. Phone, electricity, water, and gas are coming back. My guess is that in another week, the majority of power will be running in Alabama, Mississippi and all but the most flooded parts of New Orleans.

Thousands of people have already been relocated with relatives and friends, and many more are being sent to homes that have opened their doors to those in need. These places are all over the country.

Contrary to the naysayers and haters, America knows how to do it and is doing it.


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