LA Gets Award


LA Gets Award

We have pointed out to the City of the Angels (Los Angeles for the uninitiated) many times that their policies in collecting money due the city, particularly as it relates to parking, are lacking. So now, the coveted “Baghdad by the Bay” award goes to LA for its ineptness in collecting parking fines, as well as back taxes. Read all about it here

New City Controller Wendy Greuel has the lowdown. Basically only about 50% of the nearly half a billion dollars in billings, most for parking fines and EMS charges (ambulance rides) have been collected. That means about a quarter of a billion dollars are out there, and no one seems to be too worried about it. Oh, they say they are “going to” hire collection agencies, but haven’t “yet.”

There is another area which was not mentioned, that is collection of parking taxes. As followers of this blog know, the city has millions in uncollected taxes that have been brought to light in audits performed by outside auditors, but even after these felonious activities have been pointed out, no arm of the city government seems to feels that it is important enough to take solid action.

Oh, yes, this is the city that is laying off hundreds of employees because there isn’t enough money to pay them.

Congratulations on your award, city of LA. My guess is that after a few days and a few editions of the LA Times that don’t have the story, this will move to the back burner, like it has so many times in the past.

Note to new readers – the Bagdad by the Bay award is given periodically to cities that have demonstrated an extremely poor parking acumen. The namesake, San Francisco, was the first recipient a number of years ago. They seem to have gotten parking religion up there, but I still have my eye on them.


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