Let the Free Market Take Care of Itself


Let the Free Market Take Care of Itself

Every planning commission and city council should read this article and take heart. Money Quote:

“To address the concerns of some downtown businesses regarding parking, the commissioners asked the petitioner to educate their clients on the available parking options downtown.”

Mark says it all:

If more cities would follow this simple example a lot of issues would be avoided.  All they’re doing is telling the business owner that they need to take some responsibility in letting their customers know where they can park.  The business owner asked for the exception to the required on-site parking for their establishment, so it’s on them to make sure their clientele know where to park.  This is nothing more than letting the market take care of itself.


I cannot see why any merchant would not want to tell his customers where the best place to park was. It’s what good merchants do to ensure they customers return. I know many in my neighborhood that have a tray of nickels and dimes to pay the parking meters in front. The free market will solve most problem if you let it.



John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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