Lower costs, cause parking problems


Lower costs, cause parking problems

I caught this story in a UK paper. "Groan 6 for Town Car Parking."  Now I’ll bet you would guess that the article is about all the problems that a local community has with their parking facilities, or not enough, or charging for parking. Read the article here.

Nope — Its about the fact that the local rail line has lowered the costs to travel in to London — about 35%. However, rather than be excited that people are getting a better deal, locals are up in arms about the potential for parking problems at local stations. Seems with the new charges, folks who used other stations further out, would drive in a bit further to catch the trains, safe a few bucks, or in this case pounds, and clog the roads around the quaint, rural train stations in the area.

They are yelling about "lack of enforcement" and the like.

I have a perfect solution — raise the parking fees for those stations for people who don’t live in the area. Prove you live nearby, and you can park for whatever they charge now. However if you live outside the area, you pay an additional amount, equal to the reduction in fares.

That would solve everyone’s problem, and generate enough money to enforce the parking rules and probably have some left over to help fix local infrastructure.


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