Malaise is more contagious than Covid


Malaise is more contagious than Covid

As some states begin another ‘lockdown’ I have been considering malaise. Its like a low grade fever. You have it, but its not bad enough to do anything about. But is it?

Malaise is horrible. You look outside and there is no traffic. You go to the corner and there are no people out walking or shopping or just having fun. Everyone is just ‘there.’ There is no excitement, no happiness, no sadness. It just blah.

It appears people are beginning to push back. Although the ‘lockdown’ went into effect again last night here in LA, I really see no difference. Traffic is a bit lighter, but not a lot. There are still people parking in my building. Airplanes are still landing at LAX. The newspaper articles quote “experts” (never a real person named) that the world is coming to a covid end, but frankly, I think people are struggling more with malaise and beginning to push back.

There are restaurant owners saying ‘screw you’ to the mayor and governor and opening their shops to eating in. People are demonstrating in front of the homes of the county supervisors. Shopkeepers are ignoring the demands of their betters and welcoming their customers. Its only a few, but more and more each day.

I think people are saying ‘no’ to malaise and demanding their lives back. They are seeing through the hypocrisy of mayors and governors who eat at fancy restaurants and in the next breath close all the restaurants in town. They are laughing at the civic leaders who tell us not to travel, on a zoom call from Mexico where they are vacationing. And don’t talk to me about masks – I see more and more people in cars, jogging, walking dogs, and playing in the park with no masks. Sure wear a mask at the supermarket or Costco, wear a mask when you are in crowded areas. But don’t insult my integrity demanding I wear a mask while jogging or riding a bicycle.

Law enforcement in counties around Los Angeles are telling their populace they are not enforcing lockdowns and closures; they have more important things to do. The rebelling against the malaise is growing. Mark my words.

Elie Wiesel wrote: “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.”

As a colleague said:  Malaise is indifference enslaved.


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  1. I had the opportunity / pleasure of dropping off 2 of my grandkids at their pre-school this morning. During the ride over, they were excitedly talking about what they were going to do, the friends that they would see, and the pictures they would create. A year ago I would not have given pause to such activity. But now, I celebrate their ‘normalcy’. The school employs common sense precautions with regard to masks for adults: both staff and visitors, and wiping down the touch surfaces as needed. The parents are comfortable with the the situation and support the school completely. There is no politicizing the decision or publicizing their stand against the the prevailing processes. The organization simply follows their charter: do what is best for the kids. I hope to be around in 20 years when they have grown up, have read what ‘adults’ did to handle the pandemic of 2020, and pass judgement on us.

    In reading John’s comments about malaise, I thought it important to note there are pockets of common sense and reasonable levels of social responsibility. But I worry they are dismissed and ignored. Shameful.

    1. Hi Tom : Good to hear that common sense even exists. I live in California, worse, Los Angeles. There is no hint of common sense here. People are beaten down to where they simply don’t know what to do next. 19,000 businesses have permanently closed. Many more to follow. Schools — Ha The teachers unions rule and they don’t want to teach. The average person just shakes his or her head and tries, as best possible to go on. But sometimes its very hard. My wife asked me this morning if I slept OK. I asked her why did she ask. She said that I looked ‘down.’ It had nothing to do with sleeping.

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